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學期課程訊息 Course Information

國際談判與協商 2014 International Negotiations
 ─你今天談判了嗎? Have you negotiated today?

  【記者林薈薰/綜合報導】新學期新開始,對於選課感到徬徨?我們將為大家介紹本學期新開設課程「國際談判與協商」。中山大學國際經營管理學程林穎青 主任,為學生邀請到台中教育大學華語文中心主任到校授課。讓我們先來瞭解賴老師學經歷背景,再分享本學程和賴老師的淵源。

  In the 2014 Spring Semester we have an “International Negotiations” course which will be taught by Professor Cheng-Ji (Paul) Lai, a Ph.D from the National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan. You may be curious how we connected with Paul. You are invited to share the story with us.  Let’s take a look at Paul’s profile and then we will share the story with you.

1. 教育背景  Educational background
08/2006  教育博士 (主修跨文化與演講溝通),明尼蘇達大學雙子城分校
Ph.D. in Education (emphasizing intercultural and speech communication), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, U.S.A.   
12/2001   英語教育碩士,賓州大學
M.S. Ed. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. 
06/1998  英國語文學系,文化大學
B.A. in English Language and Literature, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

2. 工作經歷  Professional Experiences
助理教授 國立台中教育大學 英國語文學系
Full-time Assistant Professor, Department of English, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan
華語文中心主任 國立台中教育大學
Director, Chinese Language Center, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan           
Amateur Interpreter and Translator                                 
助理教授 國立雲林科技大學
Full-time Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan    

3. 與中山的淵源   What made you have the course in IBMBA, NSYSU?

上學期,中山大學鄭安授 教授邀請我擔任「企業管理研討」課程客座講師,與中山結下良緣!當時,授課分享談判溝通技巧,IBMBA學生反應互動良好。由於我目前在台中教育大學擔任華語文中心主任,和國際學生互動頻繁,因此也對中山IBMBA學程的國際化感到興趣。在鄭教授的引薦之下,林主任正式邀請我到校教授此課程。

I was the guest speaker from your 2013 Seminar in Business Management course and have taught negotiation skills in the course last semester. Students seem like my speech as well as I personally have the same feeling to appreciate how internationalization IBMBA class is. I have been the Director at Chinese Language Center at my school, thus, am familiar to communicate with foreign students. The IBMBA Department Chair invited me over to instruct the course.

4. 請問教授這學期在IBMBA開授的國際談判與協商的內容以及目的是什麼?
Would you please tell us about the content and the purpose of International negotiation course?

在課程中,我採用理論與實際操作雙軌並行的方法,讓同學們從學術理論的基礎出發,把學到的理論與同學們一起做實際的演練,搭配不同的情境設定,讓同學有身歷其境的感覺! 相信透過這樣的方法,同學們不僅可以學習學術理論,也能夠把理論充分運用於實際的溝通情境之中。

People actually have many chances to negotiate in their daily life, not to mention in business occasions. There are a lot of fundamentals that we could explore and discuss deeper in negotiation. I think it is necessary and important that management major students have the idea of how to negotiate in business or other sectors and with various people. Another thing is that, knowing the methods and strategies of negotiating with different people from various cultural backgrounds would be a vital ability for MBA graduates. In this course, I would introduce both academic and practical theories to students and have them practice in class via team activities. In this way, students may easily use what they learn in class in real negotiation occasions.

課堂活動  The following are activities that we will use in this course.
1. 閱讀 (學術文章/個案研究/影片分享)
Reading (academic/case study/video)
2. 團體活動—談判練習
Team activities—practicing several kinds of negotiation with different backgrounds.
3. 文化差異及策略應用
Cultural tactics
4. 模擬談判
Simulated negotiation
5. 個人談判經驗寫作—結合課程所學知識理論到實務分享
Journal writing (base on students’ daily negotiation experience)

(By Helen)

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媒體採訪報導 Media Report

"國際經濟商管學生會"海外志工 – 張少瑄、簡佑穎 
AIESEC International Volunteer Project Interviews -with Bonnie Chang and Erik Chien

  【記者梁瑛倫 & 林薈薰/綜合報導】你想如何善用你的暑期假期呢?有的學生埋頭苦幹,仍在書本堆裡打滾做論文研究;部份學生到企業實施實務暑期實習;現在我們要介紹的,則是 “國際經濟商管學生會” 國際志工計劃。就讀本校海洋環工系的簡佑穎和企管系的張少瑄利用假期到遙遠的非洲和中東經歷了一場不一樣的旅程。

   What is your plan for your summer vacation? Some students have decided to bury their heads in their thesis, while some join internships. Do not know what to do? AIESEC International Volunteer project could be one of your choices. NSYSU students, Erik Chien and Bonnie Chang, are two students who spend their vacation time working with AIESEC International Volunteer projects in Africa and Middle-East.


   Erik Chien is from Nantou, he chose to be a volunteer in Uganda; teaching local students about environmental protection, and helping locals use natural materials to make kitchen ranges. He thought it was a good chance for him to be a volunteer in Africa; if he had not done it, it would never happen in his life. The weather in Uganda is very nice during the whole year. Crops are easy to grow without applying too much fertilizer. Thus, local people are quite satisfied with their life and do not have too many material desires.


   Erik Chien (upper left side the 3 person in the picture) met many youth volunteers around the world in Uganda. AIESEC does not provide a residence for volunteers, which is different from the common idea of being a volunteer abroad. Malaria is a very common disease in Uganda; no one would be surprised if you caught that disease. After finishing his volunteer work, he traveled around Kenya and met a businessman who came from the same hometown as him. One thing that he wants to remind people is that when travelling in Africa people should always be alert and careful.



   Bonnie had the experience of volunteering in Egypt and Middle-East. She planned to be a volunteer in an orphanage, but turned out to be a lecturer, teaching organizational behavior to college graduates. She happened to take Professor Jason Huang’s organizational behavior course before, so it was a good chance for her to teach at a local school. She went to Israel, Palestine and Dubai after Egypt. The long-term conflict between Israel and Palestine traps Palestinians in their territory. She met a Palestinian woman who was crying and begging her to let people know that Palestinians had been living in fear for too long. They want people outside of Palestine to know that they need freedom desperately. The woman shocked Bonnie a lot; and made her understand that a powerful country’s point of view and behavior was not always true.


   The trip to the Middle-East made Bonnie realize how big the world is. Countries with Islamic culture have nothing to do with so called “Western civilization.” They keep their own values and culture and have full lives. Bonnie mentioned that when she taught in Egypt, female students worked harder than male students, because they cherished the opportunity a lot.


   Bonnie reminds Asian women to be careful when travelling in Egypt, because in, Muslim culture, the local women are not allowed to talk to men and they have to cover their faces when they go out. Asian women do not do so, so they will easily catch people’s attention there. (By Lena & Helen)

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國家磐石獎_ 崧騰股份有限公司
National Outstanding SMEs Award - Interview with Solteam Electronics Co., LTD

【記者梁瑛倫 & 林薈薰/綜合報導】

前言  Preface:


   Have you ever heard of the National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award? Companies that get this award might be more trustworthy and reliable companies for you to seek a future career with in Taiwan.

   從近幾年的金融風暴,到IT產業的微利時代來臨,國人開始注意到有一群人默默的耕耘努力,他們沒有酷炫的行銷手法、也沒有華麗的外表包裝,可是卻有扎扎實實的產出貢獻,和穩定的成長獲利,他們是台灣的中堅實力,也是台灣企業的典型代表。2014年2月17日,我們來到桃園的崧騰企業專訪該公司副總:邱素卿 小姐、人資協理:張石松 先生以及董事長特助:張文瀚 先生。該公司於2006年獲得第15屆國家磐石獎(註1),為台灣中小型企業的楷模典範。

   Since the financial crisis, the IT industry has faced low revenues. However, there are a bunch of companies like Solteam Electronics, who has neither shinning marketing strategies, nor a splendid appearance. Instead, they have steady production and revenue. We had a chance to interview Solteam’s Vice President, Ms. Christy Chiu, HR manager Mr. Stone Chang, and the president’s special assistant Mr. Ivan Chang on Feb. 17th, 2014. Solteam Electronics had obtained National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2006. Solteam became a good role model for Taiwan’s small and medium enterprises since then.

公司簡介Company introduction:

   崧騰公司成立於1992年,專精於電源開關製造,旗下有四大事業體:全球資訊及消費電子(IT/Consumer Electronics)、工具機(Power Tools)、大型家電用品(Home Appliances)及汽車週邊設備之電源開關、插座(Automotive)。現更進一步提供客戶控制系統與機電整合解決方案。該公司在東莞、蘇州、柬埔寨、泰國設立工廠和辦公室。於2005年公開發行股票,並於2007年掛牌上櫃。

   Solteam Electronics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is a world class manufacturer of switches, digital encoders, and optical fibers. All products are designed, developed, manufactured, and custom engineered in house to ensure their ability to respond to rapid changes, and requirements from their customers. Solteam have been serving the IT and appliance industries since 1992, and are expanding their scope to the power tools and automobile sectors.

專訪內容  Interview content:

1. 請問貴公司的企業風格為何? 傾向聘請哪種性格的員工?
What is your company style? What kind of employee character do you prefer?

   邱素卿 副總: 我們公司專精於電源開關,此產品著重在品質的可靠度,所以我們公司的內部風格偏向穩健信賴。但若是提及傾向聘請哪種性格的員工,我想各部門都有不同的要求,不同屬性的部門,會需求不一樣性格的員工。但我們公司採取專業化領導,用人唯才,公司內部並不盛行靠「關係」進來工作。我們與同事、部屬間的關係是平行的,董事長辦公室的門永遠是開啟的,歡迎大家隨時提出建議,公司內部氣氛融洽,我們是企業家族而非家族企業。

   V.P Ms. Christy Chiu: Solteam emphasizes on products’ quality, so we usually put more efforts on building company’s reliability. Each department has different standard in recruiting so it is hard find one specific character that we like. We worked with Japanese company, Omron as their OEM partner in early years; this made our company style a little bit close to Japanese style. We focus on people’s professional skills rather than Guan Xi. The communication between supervisor and employees is very open and easy. Employees can easily provide their ideas whenever they want. We are not a family-run business but rather a business of family.

2. 由簡介得知貴公司於2004在美國成立子公司  “Solteam USA LLC但為何又在2008年終止該公司營業?
Solteam established a branch, LLC in the U.S in 2004. Why did you close it?

   邱素卿 副總: 設立美國LLC本為就近服務美國工具機客戶,後因客戶調整全球策略,德國總部負責新產品開發,一般業務回歸全球工廠。因業務型態改變因此調整美國營運模式,由台灣總部業務及研發人員長期密集出差的模式因應。因此無須再設立服務據點之需求因此將美國子公司註銷。但仍持續深耕美國市場,目前崧騰美國市場客戶有GE、Whirlpool、TTI、B&D、Lear(GM&Ford) 等知名客戶。

   Ms. Christy Chiu: We took over General Electric Company’s switches factory in order to serve Porsche but we found that Porsche’s factories mainly gathered in South-East Asia. After the evaluation, we decide to close the factory.

3. 請問在微利時代,你們堅持走高品質路線,如何與低價廠商競爭?
How do you compete with others with high quality products which make your revenue very little?

   邱素卿 副總: 我們的策略是客戶頂級化,我們爭取成為世界頂尖品牌的供應商,比如:Whirlpool、GE、Bosch、Hitachi等等知名品牌。如此我們可以避開走低價路線的惡性競爭,因為我們的產品攸關使用者的安全性,他必須是信賴可靠的,所以我們投入大量的研發、申請專利,如此可以拉高技術門檻,提升品質和競爭力,所以我們可以與低價市場區隔開來。我們從生產小配件開始到現在可以替客戶量身訂作提供整套的機電和控制系統的解決方案,這都是長時間投注在研發上得到的成果,而這些都不是低價廠商可以速成得到的品質和服務。

   Ms. Christy Chiu: We define us as a world top brand supplier. We aim to become the supplier for Whirlpool, GE, Bosch and Hitachi, etc. To reach our goal, we invested a lot in RD, getting intellectual properties for our products. By doing so, we differentiate our company from others. Moreover, our services start from little supplements production to customize the whole electronic and controlling system solution for our customers. These are the result of our long term investment on RD.

4. 我從貴公司的網站上發現貴公司需求的人才似乎是工程師較多,會有商管人才的需求嗎? 會願意聘請外籍人士成為員工嗎?
From Sol team’s website, it seems that your employee structure is mainly composed by engineers. Do you need any management professionals or foreign talents?

   張石松 協理: 我們的確需要較多的工程師,因為研發對我們公司來說相當重要,商管人才也是會有需求,但比較沒有這麼多。至於外籍人士,我們曾經聘請過一些員工他們是外國籍。
HR manager Mr. Stone Chang: As we mentioned before, our company put much of our resources on product research and development, we need many engineers to help this part. On the other hand, we do have needs of management professionals as most sales are majored in Business Management, but still not as many as engineers in R&D Dept.. As for foreign talents, we had some foreign employees before.

5. 請問貴公司願意提供實習機會給IBMBA的學生嗎? 如果是外籍人士,需要會說中文嗎?
Would you like to provide some internship positions for IBMBA students? Do foreign students need Chinese ability?

   張石松 協理: 實習機會這點我們可以再商榷,公司內部各部門會在五月份時,提出實習員額需求,人資部進行後續作業。至於外籍人士會不會說中文,其實我們公司內部,完全可以用英文溝通,只是電腦的操作介面是中文,他們可能要會一點中文才能看懂。

   HR manager Mr. Stone Chang: We could have further discussion or the internship part later because each department sectors will release internship vacancies in May. Our employees have no problem in communicating in English, but the computer interface in Chinese. Foreigners should have some basic idea of Chinese or they will have a hard time.


   For more information about the National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award, you may check out below website link.    (By Lena & Helen)

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人物專訪 Exclusive Interview

IB95黃曉芳_嘉鴻遊艇行銷部 IB95 Michelle Huang Marketing Department, Horizon Group
 ─轉動海上豪宅—行銷台灣驕傲Market the Pride of Taiwan — mansions on the sea



. 請學姊簡述一下求學/工作背景。
Would you please briefly tell us your education and working background?

求學歷程  Education:
  五專 外文系→屏商 翻譯系→中山大學 IBMBA
  Foreign language and translation major in collegeàNSYSU IBMBA

工作經歷Work experience:
  英文補習班講師 5年→貿易公司國外業務→中山產學研究中心專案管理 2年 (綠色育成中心/岡山環保科技園區專案)→現任職於嘉鴻集團行銷中心。
  English teacher for 5 yearsà Sales representative of a trading company à NSYSU Operation Center of Industry and University Cooperation (Project management) 2 years à Horizon Yacht Marketing department 3 years

2. 請問為何想加入IBMBA?
Why did you join IBMBA?


I felt like it is time for me to try and find new possibilities for my life years ago. So, I decided
to go back to school and learned something different.

3. IBMBA求學歷程對就職的影響?
Does IBMBA program give you any help or inspiration to your work?


The 2 years at NSYSU really gave me a lot; not only on the academic things but people skills. We not
only learned academic knowledge but got chances to practice how to cooperate with different people
through team works. These things help me a lot in my work because I could apply the knowledge and
skills from time to time.

4. 為何選擇嘉鴻遊艇?
Why Horizon Yacht?


The marketing position of Horizon meets my requests a lot. Horizon separates sales and marketing into
two departments, which is not very common in Taiwan. Taiwan companies usually mix sales and
marketing together. I would like to work in a simple marketing department then I could fully focus on
the marketing work.

5. 在嘉鴻遊艇負責的業務?
What do you do in Horizon Yacht marketing department?




The marketing department plays an important role in Horizon.
We simply divide our work into two parts—internal and external.

We work with Horizon’s four factories. We help with the new yacht marketing and maintaining existing
products. Planning domestic and oversea exhibition is another main job. Furthermore, annual
advertisement and public relation budget planning is also vital.
Allocating the budget and make the profit maximization is our goal. We also make Horizon magazine on
our own. The content of the magazine includes of the news of our company and global yacht news.

There are various types of yacht exhibitions around the world. It is hard for Horizon to join each one. Thus, we have to evaluate each exhibition and decide whether Horizon joining or not. Marketing departments also manage and maintain the relationship with our oversea agents. Whenever they have any problems or need any help, we have to get to them in the shortest time. Horizon gets many requests of our company visiting. Marketing department is in charge of these requests.

6. 可否簡述目前為止在行銷工作中獲得的心得感想?
Would you please any feedback or ideas you have by working in marketing department?


Marketing department is the core platform of integrating information of Horizon. We need to be prepared all the time to deal with different missions and challenges we have any time. Also, we have to conduct the plans in an efficient way. People who want to work in the marketing department should be flexible and willing to work with others as a team.

7. 最後有沒有什麼建議可以給想走行銷領域的學弟妹? 如何在學校得到需要的知識? 自己需要充實哪方面的技能?
Would you please give some suggestions to people who are interested in marketing job?


Actually there are many jobs that need marketing talents. For example, Public relation companies, exhibition planning and advertisement companies. If you are interested in doing marketing, these are some field that you may try to get in.

職場小秘訣  Office tip:

當老闆交派任務或是提出新想法時,不要急著說NO! 一定要先停下來想一想之後再提出想法。老闆提出來的事情一定有他的道理,其中奧秘只能由我們自己去體會了!

When your boss gives or raises a new opinion, please do not say “No“ at the first place. He or she becomes a boss because of some reasons.  Look before you leap! (By Helen)

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交流分享 Social Event

Field Trip to Beijing - Special Lectures on Leadership and HRM


   This January, The Economist used the words of Jeffrey R. Immelt, the boss of GE, to illustrate the current situation of China: “China is big, but it is hard to touch/enter the market. Some other nations/places are equally big, but they are not quite as hard.” What do business students in Taiwan think of China? This semester, Tammy, Lea and Michelle had an opportunity to join a field trip to Beijing with their HRM class.  They visited several companies like Ting Hsin, Lenovo, and Ogilvy & Mather, and they were willing to share their opinions and discoveries of China.


   Since the 1950s, China has proposed a number of “five-year plans.” From the earliest industrial construction to the latest high-tech industry development and service industry, the shift illustrates the change of China from the “world’s factory” to the “world’s market”. The purpose of the field trip was to explore how these companies face severe changes with a variety of strategies.


   As one of the major enterprises in Taiwan, the success in China of Ting Hsin is very remarkable, and this can be attributed to their focus on human resources. Ting Hsin integrates their entrepreneurial culture into their HR system; they plan their recruitment, nurture, appointment and promotion policies carefully, with the aim of building up the sense of belonging for all employees. They promote talented people into the managerial level regardless of nationality; no wonder Ting Hsin is so well-accepted by the people of China.


   On the other hand, Ogilvy & Mather place more emphasis on talent selection. In an industry with a high turnover rate, Ogilvy & Mather has a well-developed, cultivated system; and encourages employees to apply for transfers.  They help employees to do self-development within the organization. Furthermore, Ogilvy & Mather does not reject employees who have left the company before, and who want to come back.


   Before this trip, our knowledge of Beijing was mostly oblique and indirect; after this trip, our IBMBA students were not only surprised by the different customs and weather, but also by the rapid development in Beijing. Rather than accept pessimistic predictions, it is better to be optimistic and well-prepared, waiting for new opportunities in the future. (By Rainbow)

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