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IBMBA游泳比賽 為所爭光


IBMBA 101 導生聚 & 學期活動開會
IBMBA 102 導生聚 & 學期活動開會


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關於面試你一定要知道的七件事--- 職場達人教你如何過招

The Glory of IB Students

Swimming competition: IBMBA girls got lots of awards

Special Activities

2014/05/07 IBMBA101 Class Reunion
2014/05/01 IBMBA102 Class Reunion

Exclusive Interview

IB96 Brain Yang –Venture Capital
Company of "Ping Tan experimental area of economic" in China

Experience sharing

Working Experience sharing of 2014
International Taiwan Boat Show


Something you must know about job interview---7 suggestions from HR specialist

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IB大事紀 The Glory of IB Students

IBMBA 游泳比賽 為所爭光
 Swimming competition: IBMBA girls got lots of awards

  Swimming competition

【記者梁瑛倫報導】2014/4/30 晚間七點,本校舉辦校內游泳比賽,IBMBA一共有10位學生參加女子組競賽。這10位同學分別為鮑昭伶、李旻純、林欣郁、黃聖雯、李青栩、蔡宛蓁、吳雨虹、陳慈徽、許愷庭、梁瑛倫。參賽隊伍有電機系、音樂系、財管系、光電所、材光所等系所。此次游泳比賽由IB102同學:李青栩帶領大家參與賽事,並且獲得以下榮譽:


女子組 團體賽分別獲得下列榮譽:

【By Lena Liang】2014 April 30th, around 19:00, a swimming competition took place in the campus’s swimming pool. Ten (10) of IBMBA students joined the swimming contest: Jessie Pao, Annie Li (who was the team leader), Mini Lee, Cindy Lin, Ivy Huang, Daisy Tsai,Rainbow Wu,Lea Chen,Lena Liang and Kathy Hsu. After a long and high level of contest, IBMBA students who were excellent won the following awards:

For the individual category:
Annie won the Female 50M Individual Freestyle; the Second Prize of the Female 50M butterfly and the Third prize of the Female 50M Backstroke.

For the team category:
Women’s 50Mx4 relay Mix style: Second Prize
Women’s 50Mx4 relay Breaststroke: Third Prize
Women’s 50Mx4 relay Free style: Fourth Prize
Women’s 50Mx4 relay Carnival Game: Third Prize


Every swimmer did her best to win the contest; furthermore each swimmer did not participate in one trial but several swimming trials the same day, which was a big challenge for swimmers. It was not surprising that they were exhausted at the end of the competition.
The most interesting part of the competition was the so called “Carnival Game”. It was a kind of relay, where swimmers must swim wearing raincoats, and hold the floating plates, swimmers then, have to take off their raincoats and give them to their respective relay partners in the swimming pool. It was a really funny contest.


In order to encourage NSYSU’s students to practice sport, especially swimming, the sponsor gave awards not only for the winners but also for every participant.

An important reminder for those currents and future IBMBA program students, there is a possibility to apply for a cash prize with the IB office, if you participate in any sport event and are ranked among the top three. If you are still in this program next year, please join this competition; make it become IBMBA’s conventional event.  

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活動剪影 Special Activities

IBMBA 101 導生聚 & 學期活動開會
2014/05/07 IBMBA101 Class Reunion

CAM01139.jpg CAM01125.jpg


【By Cindy Lin】On May 7th, IB101 students had a wonderful gathering pizza party with our mentor, Professor Allison Haga. Our 2nd year students are normally anxious during this period, since all of them are working on graduation thesis. We can see that they did face tremendous pressure because they finished all the delicious pizzas within 15 minutes. Allison’s assistant thus offered a 2nd round of food (cookies, crackers, fried rice, etc.) which was also consumed within an hour. It is good to have a chance to chat and relieve our stress.

身為碩士生的你,對導師的了解有多少呢?除了少部份曾修習希家玹老師的寫作課學生之外,相信大家都很少和導師有接觸的機會。透過這個導生聚活動,我們知道,希家玹導師是香港人,和美籍老公曾在美國居住十年。希老師主修美國歷史、東亞歷史及外交關係,但令人驚訝的是,老師在中山大學教授 “科技英文寫作/學術英文寫作”科目,一般人通常會覺得這個科目和老師先前主修領域沒有直接關連性。大家一定覺得好奇,希老師怎麼有能力教導,和其原本專業並沒有直接相關性的科目。

Being the 2nd year IB student, do you know our mentor well?  Except those who had taken Allison’s writing course, most of us do not have the opportunity to meet or know our mentor deeply. During the gathering party, we chatted with Allison. She is a Hongkongese, who have lived in the US with her American husband for a decade.  She majored in American Studies, US/East Asia history, and diplomatic relations. Surprisingly, she is teaching several technical/academic writing courses, not history or diplomacy, in various departments in NSYSU.  How can she teach something that is not directly connected to her major?

希老師說:「當你面對一個情況,即你的專業與工作提供非常有限的關連性,你可以做什麼?試著從別人身上,來區分自己,我不一定要跟你一樣,我可以還是不一樣,但是讓我的不一樣成為我的長處。」每個人都應該時時刻刻創造自己被利用的價值。在此,亦和大家分享,蘭迪鮑許的名言:「阻礙我們前進的磚牆,不會無緣無故擋在我們前面。 磚牆的存在目的,不是為了把我們排除在外,而是要讓我們有機會證明自己有多麼想要一件東西。」 所以,當你面臨到困難,試著找出問題並且征服它。絕不放棄!

Through our conversations, we’ve learned that it is very important to make ourselves valuable. She said, “When you are facing a situation in which your specialties have very limited connection with the work that is available, what can you do? Try to differentiate yourself from others and learn how to leverage your differences that will make you strong and competitive.”
Let us be reminded of the words from Randy Pausch, “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.” (The Last Lecture)  Therefore, do not give up whenever you hit a wall.  Look up and conquer it!

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活動剪影 Special Activities

IBMBA 102 導生聚 & 學期活動開會
2014/05/01 IBMBA102 Class Reunion【記者林薈薫報導】一個學期一次的導生聚在期中考之後展開。與許久不見的導師-鄭安授教授的午餐會十分溫馨且歡樂。因為下學期的課程較為分散,同學們修的課程大多不同。不同於上學期,大家的共同課程較多,幾乎每天都能見面。因此,這次的導生聚真的很難得,把班上同學們聚集起來,共同商討接下來的活動內容。
文字方塊: 照片提供:黃婉宜/ Ivy Huang【By Helen Lin】IBMBA second semester class reunion was held on May first. It has been a long time the whole class gathered together and met our mentor-Professor Chang. Not like the last semester, students have more optional courses rather than core courses. In this way, students have less chance to meet in classes. It is a good chance to gather the whole class and discuss our future plan.


The very first activity we are going to hold is the orientation for IBMBA 103. We decided to hold the first orientation in June and the second one in September. To keep the continuity of the student affair and activity, IBMBA student organization is going to be formed in the near future. IBMBA student organization is going to be a platform between students and the school. The organization will hold various social service activities periodically in order to accelerate the harmony of the society and elevate the good image and the visibility of IBMBA.

There are tons of MBA and EMBA programs in Taiwan and many of them have good reputation. We would like to have more interaction with them. Thus, the lunch/dinner reunion would be a good way to let students meet. Students could exchange program information as well as business experience with each other. By doing this kind of interaction activities, the connection between students become stronger and the social network could be extended at the same time.

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人物專訪 Exclusive Interview

國際經營管理學程96級楊哲安--- 平潭綜合實驗區交通投資發展有限公司 副總經理
IB96 Brain Yang –Venture Capital Company of "Ping Tan experimental area of economic" in China

IB96 Brain Yang

【記者梁瑛倫報導】七月份的校友主題人物---96級的楊哲安(Brian Yang)學長。楊哲安為IB第二屆的畢業校友,目前擔任平潭綜合實驗區交通投資與發展有限公司副總經理。此職務為中國半官方職務,目前一共有六個台灣人擔任實驗區的要職,哲安學長為其中一員。以下就是小編與學長的專訪內容:

【By Lena Liang】The hot topic of alumna on July is Brain Yang who graduated from NSYSU IBMBA program in 2009. He is currently working on venture capital company, as a vice general manager of “Ping Tan experimental areas of economic”. This job is an administrative officer of China government. There are six Taiwanese taking the position in China, and Brain is one of them. Here is our interview conversation as below:

  1. 小編:請問學長本身是財經科班出身的嗎?

    IB reporter: Are you major in financial management in achelor's degree?
    Brain: No, actually I studied in Dayeh University and got double bachelor’s degree in information and financial management. But it’s not what I am interested in, my first job was in Quo Chia Financial Company, and I was a financial consultant.

  2. 小編:學長當初為什麼想要選擇IB來念呢? 以及在IB有學到甚麼?

    IB reporter: What motivations drove you to apply the NSYSU’s IBMBA program? Besides, what did you learn from this program?
    Brain: Well, I wanted to get a master degree, so I tried to apply this MBA program, and I got the entrance permission fortunately. For me, the courses in IBMBA were not too difficult but I learned much from others. There were many businesses competitions opportunities in NSYSU, and I caught the chances to team up with others departments’ students to join those competitions. Moreover, Intel held an event for “1st Representative Student Contest”, and I was the winner, they provided internship for me. They even considered me as an official employee, offered me welfare, furthermore I had the same right as an official employee. It was a nice experience; I learned lots from a mega corporation about their strategy, global vision, and so on. Unfortunately, I heard that the winner of the second edition of the “Representative Students Contest” did not have the same advantages like us.

  3. 小編:請問學長怎麼會到廈門去發展?

    IB reporter: Would you talk about why did you choose “Xiamen” (China Province, nearby Taiwan) to develop your career?
    Brain: I went to an exchange program in Xiamen, while I graduated, I got a job in Hung Xin venture capital Company, and I was a director of investment. Then I went to Xiamen University to study PHD, while I’ve almost finished my credits, I applied the position from Ping Tan experimental areas of economic, and now I’m vice general manager in venture capital department of Ping Tan experimental areas of economic. I’m responsible for venture capital , mergers and acquisitions of government enterprise now.

  4. 小編:學長可以給在學的學弟妹們建議嗎?

    IB reporter: Would you like to give some advices to IB students?
    Brain: I think people should understand which area they are interested in, and then work hard in this area. It would be easier to be successful, if you target yourself in the right way.


  1. 是中國唯一設立對台的實驗特區。
  2. 對台獵才動作最大:2012年起,計劃5年內由台灣引入1000名專才。
  3. 日常管制最開放:新台幣可流通、台汽機車可行駛、繁體字可用、台灣媒傳頻道可在當地收看。
  4. 企業優惠最多:對台商課徵所得稅15%(全國最低)、企業投資租稅獎勵、6大台灣產品享有免稅額度、台資企業審批與登記由40個工作天縮短為1天。
  5. 缺產業聚落,風險大。資金、人才、腹地、區位都落後珠三角和長三角。

Introduction of “Ping Tan experimental areas of economic” in China (source from Business Weekly):

  1. The only China “experimental areas of economic” for Taiwanese.
  2. They need a large amount of “Taiwanese talents”: Since 2012, they planned to hire more than 1000 specialists from Taiwan within 5 years.
  3. Special laws for Taiwan only: They allow Taiwan New Dollars currency, Taiwan mobile, Traditional characters, and some Taiwanese mass media channels are also allowed to diffuse and broadcast there.
  4. Benefit for Taiwan enterprises only: Business income tax for Taiwan company:15% (the lowest tax rate in China), Taiwanese corporations investing there can save tax, six sorts of Taiwanese’s products are tax free, and it take only 1 day to get the business permission (compare with other areas in China, they used to take 40 working days to get that same business permission)
  5. Lack of industry cluster effect: There is no capital, no talents, no land space, and it’s not a good location either; in contrast, Long River and Pearl River areas have more advantages than Ping Tan experimental areas of economic.


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經驗分享 Experience sharing

2014台灣國際遊艇展 嘉鴻遊艇工讀經驗分享
Working Experience sharing of 2014 International Taiwan Boat Show

Working Experience sharing
文字方塊: 嘉鴻遊艇集團展位                   (照片來源: 嘉鴻遊艇集團)去有幾次以課程參訪的名義,參訪嘉鴻遊艇。也因為這樣,IBMBA的學生有機會在此次盛會到嘉鴻遊艇工讀,增廣見聞。

Working Experience sharingWorking Experience sharingWorking Experience sharing【By Helen Lin】2014 Taiwan International Boat show was held on May 8th~11th in newly constructed Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Both of domestic and international yacht manufacturers and related supply chain companies over the world joined this exhibition. The largest yacht manufacture in Asia-Horizon Yacht provided part-time job opportunities for students who have interest in yacht industry. National Sun Yat-Sen University IBMBA program students visited Horizon Yacht factory several times before, because of the good relationship between IBMBA and Horizon Yacht, students got chances to join this international event.            

文字方塊: 嘉鴻遊艇集團展位盛況(照片來源: 嘉鴻遊艇集團)這次IBMBA102有三位同學參加工讀,分別是陳聰敏(Tony), 許敏芝(Cecilia)和林薈薰(Helen)。這次的專訪主要訪問同學們對於本次工讀的心得經驗分享。同學們表示,在遊艇展之前,在生活中鮮少有機會接觸到遊艇產業,更別說是近距離看遊艇了!雖然知道台灣的遊艇產業在世Working Experience sharing界上頗負盛名,實際上並沒有機會詳細了解。以前對遊艇的印象總是出現在外國電影中,感覺很不真實。今年有機會到遊艇公司擔任工讀生,是一個很好的機會。同學

文字方塊: 由左而右,依次為:林薈黛、陳聰敏、徐敏芝  Helen Lin (Left),Tony Chen(Middle),Cecilia Hsu(Right) Three of IBMBA102 students-Tony, Cecilia and Helen got the chance to be boat show staffs of Horizon Yacht during the boat show. They stated that before the boat show, it is hard to know more about the yacht industry, not to mention visit the yacht itself. People all know that Taiwan yacht manufacturing takes important place in the global market, but people could hardly have a chance to get to the industry. So, this time, Tony, Cecilia and Helen decided to take the chance and explore this mystery industry. Nevertheless, IBMBA students are trained to use English as their first language in school. It is also a great opportunity for them to see if their language ability is good enough to deal with the real business world.

Because of the good language ability, IBMBA students were assigned to work as assistants for foreign dealers and yacht owners. They helped clients cope with any problems they encounter and took every request from them. Also, in the exhibition center, they worked as the coordinator between foreign visitors and the company. Horizon yacht got various overseas clients, and IBMBA students took care of people from Australia. Sometime they even had to introduce Taiwan’s history and culture to them.
Working Experience sharing
嘉鴻遊艇集團: 台灣第一座全新豪華遊艇碼頭---亞灣以及高雄展覽館全景照   (照片來源: 嘉鴻遊艇集團)

Tony and Cecilia told us that as local Taiwanese, they feel embarrassed about knowing little about Taiwanese history and culture. When foreigners asked them about the topic, they could just say few about it. Nevertheless, a good ability to deal with a contingency or emergency is vital; they realize the importance of the ability once again after this event.
外國客戶參觀工廠情形                                           (照片來源: 嘉鴻遊艇集團)

Except for the tense moment, there are still many interesting things. For example, they visited the yacht factory for the first time. And got to know the manufacturing process is so complicated beyond their imagination. Besides the yacht structure itself, the interior design, the wooden work, the electronic part and the painting; each process is so important that could not be ignored. Horizon had the largest super yacht exhibited this time, which is RP110. Still there are E56 and E88. All of them are made by highest standard. After visiting the factory, they stated that it is the hard work of each one that made the final art piece stand in front of us. We should take the yacht not for granted, instead, with awe and appreciation.
Working Experience sharing
嘉鴻遊艇集團展出船型 : E88, : RP110               (照片來源: 嘉鴻遊艇集團)


  By attending this four day international boat show, they learned a lot and saw a lot. They were surprised that Taiwan could hold this kind of exhibition and show the yacht industry power of Taiwan to the world. A good event is based on each trivial thing and we should not ignore them or we will have to face the consequence by ourselves. Tony and Cecilia also said that there is still room for their language ability to improve. From now on, they will learn more about Taiwanese history and culture, as well as other cultures. By doing so, they prepare themselves and wish to make themselves as global leaders who could do something after graduation.

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職場必勝 Career

關於面試你一定要知道的七件事--- 職場達人教你如何過招
Something you must know about job interview---7 suggestions from HR specialist


The internship group of business management department invited Ms. Hanna Hsieh to give a speech about interview on April 26th. Ms. Hsieh is a specialist in HR management; she provided suggestions about how to make a perfect resume and how to give some adequate responses during a job interview.


【By Lena Liang】An astonishing part during her speech was that, unlike other HR specialist, she didn’t mention about how to “write up “an attractive CV, but targeted on “understanding yourself”. According to her, the most important thing is to discover talent by yourself and then looking for a suitable vacancy. She took herself as an example, using a SWOT analysis, she explained how she made some decisions for job vacancies and shared her working experience. An audience asked a question:”If CEO’s decision is wrong, shall we tell him/her directly? Or just let it be, because we should obey boss and avoid making them loose their face.”Ms. Hsieh said:” You should hint them mildly. Always remember that “Being honest and being integrated are important in an individual personality”. Furthermore, she added that most employers are looking for talents who have those two characters. The employers demand for such talents is very high in the labor market.


  1. 用一句話來描述自己?
  2. 最欽佩誰?
  3. 影響你人生最多的人是誰?


  1. 是否可以加班?(合適的回答:請問加班的頻率是多少? 如果公司有需要,我願意配合)  
  2. 過去的工作經驗和離職的原因
  3. 為什麼我們要錄取你? (提示:此題是壓力測試)
  4. 你有甚麼問題想問我?( (提示:本土公司最好是回答沒有問題較為保險,外商公司則無此忌諱)


Here are some hot interview questions as below:

  1. Please describe yourself by one sentence.
  2. Who do you admire in the world?
  3. So far now, who is the key person inflect your life?

(The above questions test your values)

  1. Would you accept work overtime? (You can ask them: How often? If it is not regularly, but emergency, I can do it.)
  2. What’s your working experience? Could you explain why do you quit the last job?
  3. Give me a reason to hire you! (This question test candidates’ reaction)
  4. Do you have any question about this job or company?(For Taiwan companies, the best answer is “No”, but for foreign companies, you can ask them)

Finally, Ms. Hsieh recommended the audience to read a book, called” Now, Discover Your Strengths”, also she hoped everyone can love their job, and enjoy it every day. Besides, she encouraged people to mix reality and dreams then make their dreams come true.

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