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IB愛台灣 IB Volunteer Service

IBMBA Volunteer Group in Hualien【記者梁瑛倫報導】成立於2014年六月份的IBMBA志工服務團利用今年暑假發出第一波的志工服務,在7/26~7/27特別到花蓮當地進行原住民和西方文化的跨國的文化交流以及七星潭淨灘活動。此次活動參與的成員是IBMBA102級的學生:Daniel Gruber(USA)、Adam Jasko(Slovakia)、Sebastian Gimmy(German)、陳聰敏、許敏芝、林羿君。


IBMBA’s Volunteer Group was set up in June 2014, and they went to Hualien to join the cross culture activity, with Formosan aborigines during July 26th~27th. This even was not only about culture exchange but also was an opportunity to encourage and sensitize people to clean up the beach, protect and take care of our natural environment. Six IBMBA students participated in this event, they are Daniel Gruber(USA)、Adam Jasko(Slovakia)、Sebastian Gimmy(Germany)、Tony Chen(Taiwan)、Cecilia Hsu(Taiwan) 、Phyllis Lin(Taiwan)。

第一天,到花蓮高工,由該校曾經在全國比賽奪冠的舞蹈隊以輕鬆活潑的阿美族舞蹈迎接IBMBA的成員。該舞蹈團以阿美族的特有的腳部動作躍舞和祭勇士舞(MALATAW)來呈現阿美族舞蹈的特色,並且由資深的阿美族歌唱表演家吟唱阿美族特色歌謠。而IBMBA的成員則由三位外籍同學分別以PPT介紹自己的家鄉和文化,Daniel介紹自己的家鄉---夏威夷文化、Adam介紹斯洛伐克的傳統和食物、Sebastian介紹德國特有的啤酒節和德式香腸,讓花蓮高工的學生可以近距離的接觸異國文化。下午則是與阿美族企業家田嗣朗所創辦的Amis專業朔溪公司會面,IBMBA以跨國團隊的組合提供企業診斷諮詢,田先生表示,他們的經營困境為削價的惡性競爭和大陸客只要低價團的壓力,如何讓他們的公司維持利潤又兼顧品質為一大挑戰,而IB的學生們也以不同的經驗分享在不同國家的運動休閒產業如何經營和獲利。 first day, our IBMBA students went to National Hualien Industrial Vocational High School, which high school students welcomed IB students by performing a traditional dance. It was a special dance, because the performers won the championship in a national dancing competition in the past. The dance emphasis feet, dancers must jump and move their feet quickly. Moreover, they shacked their body as a symbol, to honor warriors; this dance is called “MALATAW. They also invited a senior singer to sing the traditional “Amis” songs which is a typical unique melody. In their turns, IB foreigner students introduced their hometown and special culture to the audience. Daniel introduced his hometown---Hawaii; Adam talked about Slovakia food and traditional events; Sebastian presented German Folklore Festival---Beer Festival and local food---sausage. In the afternoon, IB students went to visit an “Amis” Entrepreneur---Mr. Tain-Szi-lan. He explained that the traveling business encounters some difficulties. Among those difficulties, there is a price competition among local travel businesses companies which want to attract mainland China’s tourists by offering a competitive price. It is become a price war among local companies for the mainland China’s tourists market. The big challenge is then making profit by keeping good quality. IB students afterward, shared with Mr.Tain their different thinking and global experiences to innovate traveling business.              

第二天一早,與IBMBA學生之一的Daniel Gruber所創辦的Re-think淨灘組織,一同淨灘,此次淨灘地點在七星潭,響應的民眾約有100人,部分民眾特地由台北開車前往花蓮支持此次的淨灘活動。當地民宿商家和大學生紛紛前來一同參與此次活動,並且肯定IBMBA和Re-think一同發起的義工活動,許多民眾也捐出淨灘所需的麻布袋給Re-think使用。民眾對於由Daniel發起的淨灘活動並不陌生,常常在媒體上看到淨灘的消息,來參加淨灘活動的人都表示認同:愛護家園,保護地球的理念,也願意以實際行動表示支持。更有家長藉此機會教育小朋友要落實環境保護的觀念。此次淨灘活動後,IBMBA和Re-think共同製作環保袋送給前來參與淨灘的民眾。兩天的義工活動行程,從文化交流到環保淨灘,最後大家在花蓮美麗的三棧蘭溪峽谷邊畫下句點。 next day, Daniel Gruber, the re-think’s funder who is also an IBMBA student, led people to clean up “Qisingtan”, a famous tourist spot in Hualien. Around 100 people came to join him and show their support for the event, some people even came from Taipei especially for this “clean up event”. Such enthusiasm and motivation among people, means that they considered the event, as a meaningful activity, and shared IBMBA Volunteer Group and Re-think’s environment protection campaign.
Many people donated some gunnies to “Re-think” in order to pick up more garbage. The clean-up beach event organized by Re-think is getting more and more popular among People, which often saw the news from mass media. Moreover, some people start teaching their children how to protect and take care of the environment. After finishing to pick up the trash, IBMBA’s volunteer group gave people who participated in this event, a “Re-think’s bag as a gift to reward their support.
The two days volunteer trip in Hualien, was an opportunity for IB students, to have a cross culture exchange with Formosan aborigines and gather people around a beach clean up’s event. Finally, the trip ended up with a “beautiful golden canyon” s visit.【By Lena Liang】

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活動剪影 Special Activities

2014 IBMBA 迎新會 
2014 IBMBA Orientation Day【記者 蔡怡庭報導】六月十三日,IBMBA所辦邀請IB103級的新生來參加迎新茶會。茶會由IB102級籌備,學長姐的熱情就像是高雄的太陽一樣,讓大家感受到IBMBA的溫暖!

IBMBA just had a fantastic welcome party on June 13th.The seniors had been preparing for this big event for a while, and they planned to give freshmen a very warm welcoming and comprehensive introduction of the IBMBA family. 


New students were coming from different counties to Kaohsiung city on a very brilliant day. The sun in Kaohsiung was just as warm as all our IBMBA members.  As all the participants arrived at 9 in the morning, it was pretty honorable to have all the principles of IBMBA and Management Department here to deliver the opening speeches, letting our future students know about IBMBA program’s features, aims and vision.  Furthermore, the principles told us that some efforts, such as approving the dual-degree contract, have been in process. It will be benefit to IB student if the dual degree process becomes reel. It seemed that IBMBA students were filled with excitement with this great news. Besides, it could be noticed that the school had been putting much time and resources in the IBMBA program in order to make the program more attractive, more excellent, and more competitive.接著學長姐也更進一步替新生們介紹中山大學及IBMBA這個家庭,整個早上的活動可以說是非常順暢且在愉快又活潑的氣氛中進行。而到了中午,IBMBA也盡地主之儀宴請新生們一頓豪華的自助饗宴,餐點可是非常豐盛呢!午餐時間就在美食與彼此相談甚歡中結束。

Later on, several seniors professionally introduced the university, the IBMBA environment and the exchange programs to the new students.After the morning’s activities, all the students gather around an exquisite lunch, offered by the IBMBA program. There were all kinds of foods: rice, noodles, sushi, snacks, cakes, beverages, etc. It was an occasion for us while enjoying the delicious meal, to chat and exchange with each other our background, experiences.


The afternoon was even more fun.  There was a little game meant to help new students get to know their future classmates: on a piece of paper, there were a few blocks with questions to fill in; for example: “name three countries you would like to travel to.”  And after filling all the blocks, one had to keep going around the room and find another person who had a similar answer of a certain question, and then they would sign each other’s paper on the same block.  To win this game, it’s like bingo- finally you link those blocks with names, and if you have more lines, you win.  Though only few winners got prizes, all the students earned some knowledge about others’ hobbies, favorites and personalities, and most important of all- had a lot of fun.
Since each IB-student will participate in exchange program someday, IBMBA arranged seniors who came back from exchange programs to have some experience-sharing.  All the speakers came back from different countries, and they used PowerPoint slides with beautiful pictures and brief words to introduce the countries they went to, including life, food, classes and so on…. Each of the cases and its content was attractive and interesting.  They provided useful information that one need to know for exchange. 歡樂的時光總是過得特別快,一下子就到了結束的時刻,相信各位新生收穫滿滿,且開始期待新學期到來了吧!

Happy time passes quicker that the welcome party came to an end about three in the afternoon.  The whole event was successful.  Teachers, old students and new students had great interactions.  The IBMBA family is becoming bigger, and its members’ relationships must be closer and closer after each event.  Now, believe that everyone is looking forward for the new semester to come.
【By Amy Tsai】



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人物專訪 Exclusive Interview

2014 精實生產專案推動副理---陳政傑 
Lean Production Project Promotion Assistant Manager---Jay Chen


副理在研究所的時候主修工業工程管理,因此一開始在職場上涉足的以工業為主。最初,在車燈零組件工廠從事生產管理的工作,在那個時候打下生產管理的基礎。同時也獲得遷廠以及建廠規畫等實務經驗,另外也有IE、5S、QCC、外勞規劃管理實務經驗。爾後轉職到南科的光電公司從事設備維護系統建置的相關工作。在民國87~94年這段時間主要都在車燈工廠工作,下至採購供應商(QCD)管理及評價制度建置及管理,上至IE、設備規劃管理,十分扎實的運用管理的相關知識以及累積實務經驗。民國96~99年分別在台南科學園區以及新竹科學園區的半導體產業分別擔任課長以及生產部副理從事管理工作。負責的內容有從建廠開始的工廠配置規劃一直到生產資源系統(SAP ERP、SCM、CRM、MES、MM模組)、總PP資源規劃……等等。可以說由上至下的生產過程全部都有接觸到。經過了十餘年在製造業和高科技半導體產業的磨練以及成長,考慮到兼顧自身健康以及家庭,於民國99年,到鑄造業擔任精實生產專案推動副理,負責(5S、提案改善、QCC、精實生產、海外廠 整合策略規畫)改善專案推動,同時滿足兼顧家庭以及在工作中得到成就感的願望。

<工廠專案推動 v.s 產品專案管理>
一般人一定都聽過專案管理,但是專案的種類根據產業的不同又有差異。究竟,工廠專案推動和產品專案管理之間的區別是什麼? 我們請經驗豐富的陳副理與我們分享兩者其中的區別。副理認為,專案推動以及新產品專案管理兩者在觀念上是相同的,因為都是作新的事,新的事沒有從前的經驗可循,而且新的事是活的,會因環境不同而有所變動。也就是說,在執行面以及推動方法上其實沒有區別,差別只在於兩者的主題不同,自身需具備的能力也相對不同。以下陳副理詳細地為讀者解說專案推動的步驟和方法。


1. 有一個明確的主題。例如: A地2S成功導入 (工廠專案)
根據主題(A地 2S成功導入),我們得到了目標物---A地,以及做法---2S。而目標就是成功導入。

2. 組織: A地, 2S 推動團隊

  • 當責者:真正了解客戶的需求並且理解成功願景為何。
  • 指導者:擁有指導團隊成員並且有執行能力的專家。
  • 進度管控者:用現地、現物、現時點來確實掌握進度(除文件外、最好運用照相或攝影確保,未來標準化的基礎)。
  • 有組織功能:整理、整頓、其它,這些都是成功與否的關鍵。



. 目標訂定(KPI)
由LEADER確認客戶需求並以SMART手法訂出有形指標及無形指標。有形指標,例如: 作業效率提升20%,或是成本降低20%。無形的指標則是員工及主管的滿意肯定。所謂無形,也就是看不到也摸不到。但是,在我看來卻是特別重要,而無形的指標通常也對於專案的成功與否有著不可忽視的影響。

5. 規畫→落實執行:
I.  完成每一件事情都需要一定的時間,而如何在一定的時間內,將該做的事做好並且達到目標就是最重要的。在掌握現況之後,了解現況與理想之間的差距。這段差距就是我們必須要規劃並且付出努力的部分。當責者必須隨時掌握現況並且以達到目標為基礎,投入適當的專業人才及資源。在工作的過程中,人員的協調與溝通對於成功與否將有一定程度的影響,副理鼓勵專業者堅定自己的信念並且勇於與包容歧見和溝通以達到成功的目標。

II. 專案的成功與失敗都需要被檢討並且標準化。將成功的專案過程做為標準作業教育教材指導人員其中要領,使流程普及化並增強效益;相反地,將失敗的專案過程作為標準作業教育並提醒人員避免日後的損失。


副理透過分享專業推動的經驗,讓我們了解到專案推動不是一件簡單的事情。除了有一個明確的目標,一個好的團隊,還要有好的團隊人員盡心盡力去規劃與執行,才有可能將專案推向成功。求學的過程必然辛苦,且時間的花費是必然。無論何時,心中一定要有一個奮鬥的目標,有了目標,才不會遇到困難就輕易放棄,不斷努力一定會有所成長。不論成功或是失敗都是外界的眼光,即使是負面的評價,也能成為我們生活中努力的動力。《詩經·小雅·鶴鳴》裡有一句話說 “他山之石,可以攻玉”就是這個道理。與自己不同的人或是意見都能夠當成自己的借鏡,用以改正自身的缺點。

We are lucky to have Jay Chen, the Lean production project promotion assistant manager to be our September E-paper interviewee. Jay shared his work experience and life philosophy with us. From the interview, Jay did not only show the strong sense of responsibility to work but also quoted some Chinese classic literature-such as Zhuangzi and Shi Jing. He told us his attitude toward job and life by using these wise sentences and stories. Let us find out the mystery of project promotion! 

<Work Experience>
Jay holds an Industrial Engineering Management master degree. He started his career in industrial field at the beginning and focused on production management for a car headlight company. He accumulated the basic management experience from that time (IE, 5S, QCC, foreign labor management). Moreover, he had experienced the factory’s relocation and construction process during that time. Later on, he did some management tasks in Tainan and Hsin-Chu Science Park in a Semi-conductor industry. The work consisted of factory’s construction, factory lay-out’s planning and Production source system (SAP ERP、SCM、CRM、MES、MM module) and Production planning.
After having worked hard for more than a decade, Jay decided to explore more in the Foundry industry; because he could take care of his family well and gain the sense of achievement from the work. Jay became the Lean Production Promotion assistant manager and was in charge of 5S, proposal improvement, QCC, lean production and abroad factory integration and strategy planning.

<Factory project promotion v.s Products project management>
Products project management is a very common idea that almost everyone knows, but the project varies from each other in different industries. What is the difference between “Factory project promotion” and “Products project management”? According to Jay, the two are basically the same; the only difference between is the topic.

Project promotion
The project is a plan that an organization uses to achieve a certain goal. That is to say, to promote a new project is like doing a brand new thing. Because it is new, we have no standard way and process to follow. From Jay’s experience, the successful project promotion procedures are as following.

1. A vivid topic. Ex: Importing “Location A, 2S” (a factory project)
Based on the topic (Location A , 2S), we got the target-Location A and the way to do
The goal is to import successfully.

2. Organization: Location A, 2S promotion team
Team’s members include the leader, the instructor the progress supervisor and consolidation.
The team chart is as following:

  • LEADER:Knowing the needs of customers and the goal.
  • INSTRUCTOR:Having the ability to teach team member and executing.
  • PROGRESS SUPERVISOR:Making sure that all the things are on the track.
  • CONSOLIDATION:Consolidating all the details and make them work well.


3. Functional evaluation:
   Using the 4 scale chart to evaluate the performance of members, all the members should at least reach scale 3; which means that they can work independently. One of the members should reach scale 4; this person has a great production ability and he could instruct the other members at the same time.

. Goal Setting (KPI)
The leader should make sure what the customer needs and set visible and invisible target. Visible target- operational efficiency increases 20% or WIP decreases 20%. Invisible target-the satisfaction of the staff and the manager; although they are invisible, their importance of them cannot be ignored because they sometimes have a big influence on the result.

5. Planningà Conducting
I.  The key point for a successful project is the perfect time control. The first thing we need to do is to realize the distance from now to our goal; the distance between is what we have to plan for. The leader has to control the situation and input the suitable labor and resources to achieve the goal. Jay emphasized that all the professional should stick to their faith and be willing to take different opinions. In this way, the goal could be easily reach.

 II. No matter a project succeeds or fails; we put each case into the data base which could be used in the future. We make the successful case into a standard process portfolio; on the other hand, the failure case would become the mistake reminder. 

<We trap ourselves>
    Jay said, people usually trap themselves in a difficult situation that they think they cannot get rid of. As a matter of fact, the difficulty is probably be made or imaged by them. The difficult could be a person, the facility, the material, a method or the environment. We should always think positively. When we realize the difficulties are made by us, we are the one who can find out the best solution to them. When we work in a company, it is not enough for us to do the job well but have good people skills. Many people have good ability on job but not good people skills. Jay shared two tips for coping with complicated people relationship. One is to gain others identity. The way to gain others identity is to speak honestly, to maintain credits and to work hard. The other one is to realize that the key point to succeed is not “me” but the “cooperation of the whole team.” That is to say, do not always put yourself at the first place but respect and place others in a more important position. If people could follow these two rules, things could hardly fail.  

<Conclusion and good words >
From the interview, we know that the project promotion is not an easy task. Not only a vivid goal is needed but the good team cooperation could lead the project successfully. Studying could be hard, but Jay wishes all the students to work for a mighty goal. Once people have their goal, difficulties become nothing; instead, it becomes the motivation to pursuit greatness. We get both positive and negative common in life; both of them are good for us because we always can learn something from them. There is a saying in Chinese classic literature, Shi Jing. The saying is “Even a stone on the other mountain could become a beautiful jade”. The saying tells us that we could always learn from the mistakes, no matter where the mistakes are at the first place.
Talking about the way to succeed, Jay shared a short story in Zhuangzi. The story is about a wheel maker teaching his son the wheel making skill. He said, the wheel making skill could only be taught in real operation. It is impossible for his son to learn his skill by reading skills written on the paper. The story tells us that the successful experience could be learned by doing but not replicated. The successful stories are like the wheel making skills written on the paper, they cannot be learned by reading. We should find our own way to succeed and try by ourselves! Jay wished all the students think positively and work hard for their bright future by their own efforts. 【By Helen Lin】

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暑期實習經驗分享 Summer Internship Experience Sharing

Anna Kiseleva in Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd

1.請問你暑假在哪個公司實習呢? 實習的機會是從何得知? 另外 請你簡單介紹一下公司。


1. How did you get it? Please introduce the company briefly.
  Taiwan Fu Hsing International Co., Ltd. The President of the company gave a speech on Business Seminar class, and I asked about opportunity to have internship there.
Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1957 as a small family business. The company established itself in door hardware market. Company consists of three main groups: door closer product group, security system product group and supply chain group.
Taiwan Fu Hsing manufactures and sells door hardware products which mainly being door locks and door closers, both in residential and commercial segments. Other products include door lock parts, exit devices, floor springs, and toolings.

2. 請問你實習的工作內容有哪些?

2. What is your duty there? Please describe.
The internship was concentrated on market research of door hardware industry in Russia. At the beginning of the internship I had set several learning goals on one hand regarding the improvement of knowledge and skills on market research methodologies, marketing, evaluation of potential investments outcome, on the other hand have a deep insight of Taiwanese corporate and business culture and improvement of business Chinese language skills. In R&D Department, working closely with production managers, I was responsible for Russian market, exploring opportunities there. Briefly, I was making market research, translations from Russian to English, and evaluating potential sales channels.

3. 請問你從工作中學習了哪些東西?
我認為這次的實習經驗對我來說意義很大。一方面我發現了我應該要加強的地方; 另一方面我得到了許多新的知識和工作技能,也認識了很多新的人。

3. What did you learn from the job?
The internship was a useful experience. I have found out what my strengths and weaknesses are; I gained new knowledge and skills and met many new people. I achieved many of my learning goals, however for some of the conditions did not permit to achieve them, as I wanted.

At last this internship has given me new insights and motivation to pursue a career in marketing and sales management in Asian region. To prepare myself for my future career I can improve several things. I can work on my communication skills so that I am able to present and express myself more confidently. I could perform certain tasks in research better if I have more experience in the research methodologies applied in business management studies.

4. 請問你在實習過程中是否遭遇任何困難?如果有的話你如何克服?

4. Did you have any difficulties fit in the company or the job? How did you overcome them?
Traditional Taiwanese corporate culture is very different from western one. Vertical hierarchy and the group decision-making process are most interesting. The interns’ reports need to be reviewed by relevant positions, and then we presented it to the President of Security System Product Group. I also noticed that almost everyone there stayed overtime.  For me it was overwhelming, because in our culture people leave their working place as soon as 8 hours passed by. But people are very nice and try to help you on the way, so overall I find it easy to fit in the company.

5. 最後,對於實習工作你有沒有什麼建議或是給日後想申請實習工作的學弟妹一些建言?

5. Anything you want to say about the internship and the suggestions for others who want to have internship there.
Overall, I had a good experience and gained knowledge of Asian culture that can help me to build a future carrier. I would recommend foreigners who are going to have internship in Taiwanese company to focus on their Chinese language first, as people in a company do not speak English, only high-rank managers understand English. And be prepared, people are super nice and polite, even if you’re Chinese is not good enough, they will try to understand you.

One more thing, care about your employment in Taiwan as early as you can, apply in advance, which means 3-4 month before you planning to start you work. As slow decision making process slows down the date of your employment, and dozens of paper works need to be done. Do not forget to contact company time to time and make sure that they are working over your documents. Otherwise, they may not tell you directly, but they can stop your application process without letting you know it in advance.【By Helen Lin】

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IB 好消息 IB News

ACT Program Orientation Day & ACT Program Development Committee Meeting

【記者梁瑛倫報導】八月底,IBMBA張德民 主任和宋兆賢 博士一同至加拿大維多利亞大學(University of Victoria)出席ACT三校合作會議。此行主要目的除了觀摩由維多利亞大學主辦的新生訓練,瞭解該校運作模式、教學方法和辦學經驗分享,也探詢中山的學生在當地的適應情形。此次參加由三校聯合召開的夥伴會議,與會人員有加拿大維多利亞大學的學程主任Ignace Ng. 教授、副主任John A. Oldale,奧地利林茲大學有學程主任Dr. Evelyne Glaser及其助理,中山管院則有張德民主任及宋兆賢助理教授。會議針對過去的運作經驗提出檢討與改善方案,也針對今年度開始的學程訂出相關的運作規範,以利後續的順暢運作。

In the end of August, IBMBA Director De-Ming Chang and Dr. Sung Zao Yin went to University of Victoria in Canada, to participate in the ACT conference. The purpose of the conference is to understand how the University of Victoria holds orientation day and how does it teach students; moreover each school shared their experience. Besides, Dr. Sung and Director Chang also visited the NSYSU’s students who joined this program and tried to inquire about their situation in Canada.  This conference was convened by the Johannes Kepler Universitat at Linz ; the University of Victoria and NSYSU. the participants were Prof. Ignace Ng; the vice director John A. Oldale from University of Victoria; Dr. Evelyne Glaser and her assistant from Johannes Kepler Universitat at Linz;  Director De-ming Chang and Dr. Sung from NSYSU. They pointed out some mistakes in the past, and suggested some improvements. Also they set some new rules for the ACT program in order to keep it go on smoothly in the future.      

宋兆賢博士表示: 夥伴會議中討論到如何讓ACT學生的第二外語學習更有效率,除了鼓勵學生參加外語認證,並且透過三個學校的語文老師的合作協調,使學生的外語學習能夠相互銜接,更有效果。此外,宋博士也觀察到,目前全球商學院校積極拓展相互合作關係,除了互相交換學生外,為了更加拓展學生的國際視野,均更努力拓展三校聯合移地訓練的學程,觀諸世界著名商學院校均有類似的學程。反觀台灣類似學程少之又少,中山管院目前擁有ACT學程可說是鳳毛麟角,帶給參與學生的是更多的國際能見度,更多的國際溝通能力。相信中山管理學院的學生能夠透過這些實用的課程,增加實力,未來都能在國際舞台上發光發熱。

Dr. Sung said: “In the conference, we discussed about how to make students learn the third language more effectively, we also encouraged students to get language certification and those schools’ language teachers would cooperate to help students elevate their language ability” Furthermore, Prof. Sung noticed that a lots of top management’s colleges are looking for the opportunities to build a strong business partnership and cooperation with others businesses schools from different countries in the world, those union are not only benefit exchanged students, but also help students to enlarge their global vision.

Some schools’ MBA program can provide to their students, some opportunities to go to 3 different countries for their study’s curriculum. However, there are few MBA programs which can provide such opportunities to their students to enlarge their global vision.
That is why, the IBMBA program is very unique in Taiwan, and this program can build and promote the students’ abilities in international negotiation and gives them a strong global thinking’s capabilities.
We believe that NSYSU’s college of management students can learn more through those practical courses, and elevate their ability; those qualities of the IBMBA program will give its students, the useful skills able to make them, become some brilliant international talents in the future. 【By Lena Liang】

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